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Motorcycle Insurance In Colorado

As many local motorcycle owners know, getting out onto the open road and enjoying the fresh Colorado mountain air can really be an enjoyable experience. However, having the right level of insurance coverage beforehand can make a huge difference if you are ever involved in an incident, vandalism, or theft.

At Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers, we work hard to ensure you have the right level of coverage to suit your needs.

What Coverage Options Are Available for Motorcycles?

Motorcycle insurance coverage is very closely related to auto insurance coverage. There are several similar facets between the two including liability and property damage, and a Third-party coverage option that you are required to have by state law. Additional coverage options include;

Comprehensive – Comprehensive can protect you in the event of things such as a damaged windshield, vandalism, riots, explosions and fire, falling tree branches or limbs, rocks and debris kicked up by other vehicles, weather (wind, hail, flood, lightning, etc.), animal accidents, or even your bike being knocked over.

Collision – Covers your bike should you be involved in a collision regardless of fault.

Uninsured Motorist – Coverage in the event that you are involved in an accident with someone who is not insured.

Accessories Coverage – Coverage that protects items such as your Non-stock Sidecar, Saddlebags, Seats, Electronic Equipment, and a number of other accessories

Helmet Coverage – Helmets can be a sizable investment so it makes sense to cover them and the equipment that goes along with them.

Medical Payments – Like the title says this coverage will help you and your passengers with medical coverage should you need it as the result of an accident.

At Aspen Gold we are well versed in the different coverage options available and can help you determine which options are right for you.

What Factors Are Considered in the Pricing of a Motorcycle Insurance Policy?

There are a multitude of factors besides the actual bike that are taken into consideration when you purchase a motorcycle insurance policy. The main factors considered are;

Age – Insurance Companies deem experienced drivers to be less of a risk for accidents so the older you are the less you will pay, until around age 70 when insurance companies start to increase their prices again.

Previous Driving Record – much like traditional car insurance, your driving record is taken into account when determining your rates.

Zip Code – The area in which you live and the number of claims in that same zip code in the past do have an impact on your rates.

Type of Bike – Typically the more powerful the bike, the higher your rates due to Insurance Company’s determination that more powerful bikes have are higher risk.

Credit History – Believe it or not having a good credit history can impact your rates!

Our team at Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers will sit down with you to evaluate these factors and determine which carrier is best for your needs and budget.

What Types of Vehicles are Covered?

There are a number of different vehicles that fall under “Motorcycle Coverage” and the most common that we see are;

  • Cruisers
  • Customs
  • Dirt Bikes
  • Scooters/Mopeds
  • Sportbikes
  • Touring motorcycles
  • Vintage
  • And even ATV/UTV’s are covered

Contact us if the type of bike you own is not listed above and our team will help you find coverage for your particular style.

Why Work with Us?

As independent insurance agents, Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers works with a multitude of different carriers to find the one that suits your needs the best. Our dedicated team will determine your exact needs and check around with each insurance company to find the one that meets your situation and budget the best.

For more information or to receive a no-obligation quote, please contact us today.


Do I need motorcycle insurance?   In a word, YES.

How do I get motorcycle insurance? Contact an Aspen Gold Insurance Agent for a free quote

Do I need motorcycle insurance coverage on regular riders?

What discounts are available on motorcycle insurance? When you bundle your auto insurance, homeowners/renters insurance with your motorcycle insurance, there are discounts having it all under one company.

Can I cancel my motorcycle insurance in the winter season? - Our motorcycle rating plan takes into account the seasonality of motorcycles, so cancelling your policy in the winter does not provide much benefit. In addition, even though you don't ride your motorcycle year-round, you may still need insurance to protect it while it's in storage.

Can you get motorcycle insurance without a license? – NO, All drivers must have a current, valid driver’s license to drive the type of vehicle they intend to operate.

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