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Commercial Insurance & Harassment Claims

A business can do everything right. It can market well, watch the bottom line and accounting reports, manage credit wisely and hire smart. All of the right moves can be made that under any business textbook traditionally mean success, and yet the same company with all of those decisions going in the right direction can still be bankrupted by an unexpected legal claim unaddressed by typical business insurance. The fact is, legal risk remains one of the top reason that force many small businesses to fold prematurely, whether in Westminster, CO or in other towns across the U.S. That’s because the cost of defense, motions, trial and potentially losing a claim can be in the dozens of thousands of dollars, the very resource a small business needs the most of for liquidity and growth.

However, commercial insurance can go a long way in protecting small businesses as well. A commercial insurance policy is for more than just property protection and business contract disputes. It can protect against employee-related claims like harassment allegations as well. In a day and age where behavior in the workplace can be just as much of a cost risk as an omission in a service agreement, insurance protection is a must for a new business. The staff at Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers can help. They are able to tap into dozens of business-oriented coverage products that can be tailored to the specific needs of a given Westminster, CO small business. So you don’t need to jam your company’s needs into a generic box. Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers can match your need with the right product easily; give them a call today to find out more.

Does motorcycle insurance cover theft?

With its many open spaces and mountain backdrop, Westminster, CO is a great place for riding a motorcycle. Many people take advantage of the beautiful area, taking in beautiful scenery for both work commutes and recreation. 

If you own a motorcycle in Colorado, you will need to register your bike and get insurance for the motorcycle. You can find a policy that suits your needs at Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers, either purchasing the minimum policy you can get away with by law or finding a policy that offers more on its return. 

Minimum Insurance Requirements

But motorcycles  being so valuable and popular, it is important to know whether your policy covers theft. Unless they have extra protection, motorcycles may be stolen quickly once they are parked. If you only purchased a policy that covered the minimum requirements, you may be unprotected in many other areas.

The insurance policy you are required to have by law is for liability. You need to have at least the minimum amounts of coverage for both bodily injury and property damage. That way if you collide with a person or vehicle your insurance can help pay for the damages. 

Comprehensive Insurance Policy

In order to protect your asset from more dangers, you will need a comprehensive policy. The comprehensive policy covers everything from weather to theft to accidents that don’t involve a collision. 

Standard comprehensive coverage will only insure up to the value of the bike, with standard parts, but you can ask about additional coverages for accessories and special parts.

Riding a motorcycle in Westminster, CO is fun and exciting, but you don’t want to be unprotected. Call Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers today to discuss your current coverage and get a free quote.

Boat Insurance Pros and Cons in Westerminster, CO

Even if you’re not required to have boat insurance, it’s important to protect your boat and your crew from harm. You can get dependable coverage and rest easy knowing your watercraft is covered, bow to stern.

Whether your preference is a slow and lazy float down the Colorado River or high-speed shenanigans on one of the gorgeous lakes near Westminster, CO, boat ownership can be a joy. It’s easy to relax with no worries when you know you have adequate coverage to handle any unforeseen dangers you face on the water. Ask one of our Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers what coverage works for your watercraft.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Boat insurance pays for repair or replacement if your boat is damaged. It covers the motor and most types of boats, including paddle boats, fishing boats, pontoons, and yachts, among others. Boat insurance won’t pay for damage to less robust watercraft, such as kayaks, canoes or personal watercraft (PWC).

What Types of Insurance Might You Need?

Liability insurance is not required to boat on Colorado’s rivers and lakes. However, it’s important to get liability insurance to protect your boat and other assets in the event that your watercraft is involved in an accident. Also, consider additional coverage to repair or replace your boat if you have a collision with an uninsured boater.

Keep in mind that, although the state of Colorado doesn’t require insurance to operate a boat, many marinas require boat insurance to dock your boat. If you still owe money borrowed to pay for your boat, your lender probably requires adequate coverage as a condition of the loan.

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For these reasons and more, contact Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers today to schedule an appointment for a quote. Ask us about our other insurance policies for your home, health, and well-being in Westminster, CO.

FAQ’s About Umbrella Insurance

There are many frequently asked questions about umbrella insurance. Perhaps the most frequently asked is….

Just What Is Umbrella Insurance?

It’s called "umbrella" insurance because it covers so much. It’s a supplement to basic liability policies such as home, auto, or renters.

Why Is It Important?

Is your home important? This plus your car, investments, and retirement fund are all important accounts that need to be secured. If you’re ever sued or are short on basic insurance, umbrella insurance is perfect for that rainy day. Should anything unfortunate happen, umbrella insurance is the thing standing between you and financial ruin.

How Much Should I Have?

Ask yourself the following three questions. How risky is my life in general? What is the net worth of my assets? What would happen if I were to lose my income? An agent of Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers of Westminster, CO will be happy to help you figure out how much insurance you need.

What Does It Cover?

Umbrella insurance will cover the cost of medical bills or liability claims should you be found at fault for another’s injury or property damage. If you are a landlord, umbrella insurance is essential for covering liability claims made on your property. If you are sued for libel, slander or otherwise causing mental anguish, umbrella insurance is there for you.

How Does It Work?

Once your basic liability limit has been maxed out, umbrella insurance can give you that extra you need so that you won’t pay much, or perhaps anything out of pocket. Should you be in a business on the risky side and already have general liability insurance, umbrella insurance increases your coverage limit.

Have more questions? Contact an agent at Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers of Westminster, CO.

How Does My Health Insurance Deductible Affect My Monthly Premium?

There can be some confusion when it comes to purchasing health insurance, which is why it is important to understand how your policy works. One commonly misunderstood issues are how the deductible effects the monthly premium of your insurance policy. Understanding this information can help you make a decision that works for your lifestyle and budget.

How Your Deductible Affects Your Premium

Generally speaking, the higher your deductible, the lower your premium will be each month. When shopping for insurance, it is key to consider factors such as your overall health, age, and income. If you are chronically ill, have ongoing medical issues, or are over 50, then you may want to consider having a lower deductible. If you are hospitalized or you have frequent doctor visits, it can help prevent high out of pocket expenses before your insurance kicks in.

Get The Information You Need To Make A Good Decision

When you shop for health insurance, you should know approximately what your budget is, your need for healthcare, and your ability to meet the deductible. If you do business with a reputable insurance provider, they can help match you with a policy that meets your criteria and stays within your budget. A quality insurance company serving the residents in and around Westminster, CO, is Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers. They have highly trained staff that can answer your questions and get you the coverage you need to have peace of mind.

Don’t risk going without health insurance coverage. A serious medical issue can possibly create devastating financial consequences. Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers looks forward to serving people who live in and around Westminster, Co, and are ready to help you find insurance products that fit your life. Call or stop by today for more information and to speak to a representative.

Do I need life insurance at the age of 60?

The lingering question on the minds of many seniors is whether or not it’s worthwhile to have life insurance coverage at the age of 60 and beyond. Actually, the question is more difficult than it sounds. When we are younger, we feel obligated to protect our families from any unforeseen happening. But as we get older, our kids become grownups and we begin wondering whether it’s necessary to continue servicing our life insurance policies.

Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers is an experienced provider of life insurance policies to Westminster, CO residents and will seek to answer this question comprehensively.

Life is Priceless

Life insurance is never about attaching value to your life. The purpose of this kind of coverage is to provide financial assistance to your dependents when you pass on or when you can’t work and provide for them. If you’re married, it’s still important for both of you to take life insurance policies. So, in case one of you passes away, the other parent can use the proceeds from the coverage to take care of the kids.

Why You Might Need Life Insurance at Over 60

In general, it’s advisable to keep your life insurance coverage until you’re 65 years old, then you can begin living on your pension and savings. However, some situations may necessitate having life insurance in your 60s. They include:

You Have Kids Who Are Your Dependents

Sometimes you may have kids that are dependent on you in your 60s. One example is if you had kids late in your life and they’re probably still in high-school or college. Your kids could be grownups but are suffering from physical or mental disability hence the need to leave them some financial help when you pass on. Additionally, you could be raising your grandchildren since their parents passed on or abandoned them.

Need to Leave a Financial Legacy

Some parents choose to keep their life insurance policies in order to leave some inheritance for their kids. If you took up a permanent life insurance policy, the cash value must have significantly grown and you’d want to stick with it to the end.

Complicated Marriages or Relationships

Marital situations might force you to take a life insurance policy at the age of 60. For instance, if your partner is not eligible to receive your pension when you pass on, you may want to keep your life insurance coverage to protect your spouse from financial hardships when you pass on.

The decision on whether or not to keep your life insurance beyond 60 years can sometimes be a complicated endeavor that may require professional support. Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers are experienced in providing various life insurance coverage options in Westminster, CO. Contact us today for a quote or for any inquiries about life insurance.



What Is The Difference Between A Universal Helmet Lawn and a Partial Helmet Law?

There are only three states in the country with no type of helmet law in place. Colorado has a partial helmet law in place compared to other states who have a stricter universal law. If you live in Westminster, CO and are unsure of what is included in the state’s partial helmet law, the agents at Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers can fill you in. 

Universal Helmet Law

A universal helmet law requires every motorcycle rider to wear a helmet while they are on public roadways. Your age and skill level are not determining factors. To ride legally in a state that has a universal helmet law, you must have a helmet that is DOT approved. There are 19 states that require all motorcycle riders to wear a helmet that meets DOT standards.

Partial Helmet Law

Colorado is one of 28 states that require only certain riders to wear helmets. Passengers under the age of 18 and those who are still riding on a learner’s permit must wear a DOT approved helmet at all times while riding their motorcycles on public roads. If you are unsure if your helmet is DOT approved, all you have to do is look at the back. DOT approved helmets will have a DOT "Certified" sticker centered on the back.

The agents at Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers know the laws when it comes to helmet use in Westminster, CO. If you have any questions concerning your motorcycle policy or need information about local laws pertaining to helmets and other safety requirements, contact the office today. The agents will answer your questions and make sure you have all of the information you need. 

What is Included in a Motorcycle Insurance Policy?

Spending a nice afternoon on a long motorcycle ride can be fun and exciting.  While a motorcycle is a lot of fun to ride, it is also an expensive asset that needs to be properly covered by insurance.  For those that are in the Westminster, CO area, having a full motorcycle insurance policy can be a great option.  A motorcycle insurance policy will provide you with several different types of coverage.

Liability Coverage

The first type of coverage that will be included in your motorcycle insurance policy is liability insurance coverage. Liability coverage will provide you with financial coverage in the event you are found liable in an accident.  In the state of Colorado, you are required to have minimum motorcycle liability coverage of $15,000 per accident in property damage and $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident in bodily injury coverage. Liability coverage will only provide coverage for the other party’s expenses.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

When you own a motorcycle, it is also likely a good idea for you to have collision and comprehensive insurance coverage. Collision and comprehensive insurance coverage will provide you with coverage in the event you are in an accident with an uninsured driver, if your vehicle is stolen or damaged by storm, or if you are in an accident involving an animal.  In many cases, having collision and comprehensive coverage will be a requirement of a lender if you have a loan on your motorcycle.  

For those that are in the Westminster, CO area and are in need of a motorcycle insurance policy, contacting Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers could be a great option.  Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers can help you to better understand your insurance needs and help you to get into a great policy today.  




3 Ways Business Interruption Coverage can Protect your Small Business

Taking into consideration the rising trend of major disasters around the country, your business could very well be affected by a catastrophe at some point in time. Business interruption coverage can prepare you for unforeseen disasters that can bring your company to naught. Here are three ways business interruption coverage from Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers can protect your Westminster, CO company from loss.

Replaces Lost Income

Standard business insurance policies cover damage to business property, equipment and inventory so you can replace the items you need to continue operating. It doesn’t, however, replace a loss of income if your business has to close temporarily to recover from a disaster. A lengthy shutdown for major repairs to your office or warehouse could cost you much-needed income that you can use towards disaster recovery. Business interruption coverage helps replace lost revenue to keep your business going until you can reopen your doors and start generating income on your own.

Covers Employee Payroll

Business interruption insurance also covers employee wages during a shutdown, so you don’t lose valuable manpower in the interim period of making repairs. Good workers are hard to find. By covering payroll, business interruption insurance makes it easier to keep experienced employees until work conditions stabilize and you’re ready to resume operations.  

Pays for Business Expenses

Even in a disaster, you’re responsible to pay for typical business expenses like rent or mortgage of business property and utility costs. Business interruption insurance provides funds to keep up with your financial responsibilities during a shutdown.  It also pays for temporary setup in a new location until your building’s repairs are done.  

Business interruption insurance makes it easier for you to get back on your feet after disaster strikes. To learn more about this coverage and costs, contact us at Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers, Westminster, CO.  

Coverage Options for Motorcycle Insurance in the State of Colorado

While Colorado riders are required to have motorcycle insurance, it may be advisable to get additional coverage so you can be protected from any losses that the minimums won’t be able to help you with. Many things can happen while you’re on the road, but liability coverage can only get you so far. Any additional amounts that are left over after the minimum amounts will be your responsibility if you’re at fault, and it could result in severe financial and even legal liabilities. That’s why you should look into some additional coverage for your motorcycle insurance policy.

Additional Coverage Available for Colorado Riders

There are several options for Colorado riders who want to purchase additional coverage, and some of them may include:

Collision Coverage – Covers your bike if it was involved in an accident regardless of the circumstances, but it may not necessarily cover any losses from an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

Uninured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage – Covers your bike if you were in an accident that involves an uninsured or underinsured motorist who was at fault.

Comprehensive Coverage – Covers your bike from any losses that resulted from any damage that has been caused by a fire, water, or vandalism. It can even cover your bike if it has been stolen.

Bodily Injury Coverage – Covers any costs associated with bodily injury related to an accident for which you’re at fault, and it will cover any passenger who rides on your bike.

Medical Payments Coverage – Covers any medical costs and funeral expenses associated with an accident for which you’re at fault.

If you want to find out more information about what’s available in the State of Colorado, be sure to speak to an agent about your specific needs.

Finding the Best Motorcycle Insurance Policy in Westminster, CO

If you want to find the best motorcycle insurance policy in Westminster, CO, you should get a hold of Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers. We have a team of expert agents who can help you get the coverage you need, and we’ll be able to find a policy that you can afford. Be sure to get in touch with Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers in Westminster, CO today!