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Boating offers fun times with family and friends in the sun and fresh air but also entails a certain amount of risk. Boat insurance protects against collision and damage from the elements and covers several other important protections. At Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers in Colorado, we can help answer all your questions about your boat insurance coverage. Be sure you are properly covered so you can go out and have more fun, less worrying.

Insurance Offers Liability Coverage

Your policy will include coverage against liability if your boat causes damage to another boat or a docking facility. Insurance generally also covers medical costs for you or your passengers if an accident occurs.

Insurance Covers Pollution Your Boat May Cause

Because boats carry a significant amount of fuel on the water, any accident can damage fuel tanks and cause spillage that cause pollution to waterways. Your policy covers this damage to a certain level.

Your Policy May Cover Equipment You Have On Board

Insurance will also cover the fishing equipment you bring onto the water. If you have expensive electronic equipment, you can arrange for specific coverage for these items.

Towing and Salvage May Be Part of Your Coverage

Your boat insurance policy may also cover towing when your boat breaks down on the water. This can be an essential benefit that can save you money. Some policies also cover salvage if a weather event or other problem sinks your boat somewhere away from your home dock.

Make Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers Your Agent in Colorado.

Insurance is vital to your ownership experience and can save you from expensive liability costs. We can ensure you have the insurance to thoroughly enjoy your time on the water. Contact Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers today for a no-obligation quote on boat insurance that can protect you against expensive losses.

Independent Insurance Agency

When it comes to purchasing insurance, making the right choice is crucial for protecting your assets and ensuring peace of mind. While there are various options available, one option stands out when choosing an independent insurance agency like Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers. Unlike captive agents who work for a specific insurance company, Aspen Gold’s agents offer numerous advantages that make us a preferred choice for many individuals and businesses. Let’s explore the benefits of choosing an independent insurance agency like Aspen Gold and why we can be the ideal partner in finding the right insurance coverage.

1.      Choice and Independence
One of the primary advantages of working independent insurance agency like Aspen Gold is the freedom of choice we provide. Independent agents are not limited to a single insurance company’s offerings. Instead, we work with multiple insurance carriers, giving you access to a wide range of options. This ensures that your unique needs and preferences are met, as we can compare policies, coverage, and prices from multiple insurers. This allows us to focus on finding the best solutions tailored specifically to you.

2.      Personalized Service
Independent insurance agents prioritize personal relationships and customer service.  Aspen Gold’s agents take the time to understand your needs, assess your risks, and design a comprehensive insurance plan accordingly. Our personalized approach means we can offer advice, answer your questions, and guide you through the insurance selection process. When insuring with Aspen Gold, you have a trusted advisor who advocates for your best interests and provides ongoing support throughout the policy term.

3.      Expertise and Industry Knowledge
Insurance can be complex, with various policy options and coverage nuances. Our dedicated agents are experts in the field. We possess in-depth knowledge of insurance products, industry trends, and regulations. This expertise allows us to navigate the intricacies of insurance and provide accurate, up-to-date information. We can explain policy terms, help you understand coverage limits, and identify any gaps or overlaps in your insurance portfolio. By leveraging our experience, our agents can ensure you make informed decisions and secure the right coverage for your specific needs.

4.      Time and Convenience
Shopping for insurance can be a time-consuming task. Independent agents can simplify the process by handling the legwork for you. Instead of contacting multiple insurance companies individually, Aspen Gold’s agents consolidate the information, gather quotes, and present you with the best options. This saves you valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus on other priorities while still receiving expert guidance.

5.      Claims Assistance and Advocacy
In the unfortunate event of a claim, Aspen Gold’s agents are here to support you. We act as your advocate, working closely with the insurance company on your behalf to help navigate the claims process, provide guidance on documentation requirements, and ensure a smooth and fair settlement. Our primary goal is to protect your interests and ensure that you receive the benefits you are entitled to.

Choosing an independent insurance agency like Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers offers a host of benefits that make the insurance-buying experience easier, more personalized, and tailored to your specific needs. With our broad selection of options, personalized service, expertise, and claims support, Aspen Gold’s agents provide a level of flexibility, convenience, and peace of mind that is hard to match. Whether you are an individual seeking personal insurance or a business owner looking for comprehensive coverage, partnering with Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers is a wise decision that can help safeguard your assets and provide you with the best possible insurance solutions.

protect your boat

When it comes to protecting your boat in the greater Broomfield, CO area, local owners can rely on Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers. Finding the right policy to protect your craft can be confusing, but it doesn’t need to be. Our team is here to answer your questions and provide any assistance you may need.

The right policy to protect your boat

Owning a boat is a great way to get out and enjoy our amazing Colorado weather! If you’re considering buying a watercraft but aren’t sure which policy will best meet your needs, there are a few things to consider when selecting.

First, you will want to determine the proper amount of liability protection sufficient for you. Many people focus solely on protecting their boats and don’t give much thought to protecting their financial position. Adequate liability protection will ensure that you have coverage if you are involved in an accident that causes damage or injury.

Looking at all aspects of boat ownership that need protection is a great first step when finding the right policy. Don’t become so focused on one aspect that you overlook the others. When you have the right policy, it’s time to get out on the water!

We are here for all boat owners in the area.

Broomfield, CO boat owners can rely on the Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers team for all their insurance needs. If you’re unsure which boat insurance policy is correct, we are here to help! Call our office today to set up an appointment, or stop by anytime. We will help you find the right policy to protect your boat.

Boaters Insurance

Boaters in Colorado can get out and enjoy the great outdoors and have fun with friends and family on local lakes and rivers. We here are Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers want you to have a safe, fun, and exciting summer on your boat. That includes ensuring you have proper boaters insurance coverage to protect yourself, your family, and your property.

Am I Legally Required to Have Boater Insurance?

Boat owners in Colorado are not legally required to carry boaters insurance to operate their boat or register it. However, as a safety net, it is highly recommended you have boaters insurance if something happens while out on the water.

If you are financing your boat, your lender may require you to carry boater insurance while still making loan payments. Additionally, if you store your boat in a marina, the lease agreement for your space may require you to have boater insurance.

What is Boater Insurance?

Those with motorized boats or sailing vessels can opt to purchase boater insurance. Similar to automotive insurance, boaters insurance covers your boat if it is stolen or damaged in an accident. Investing in affordable insurance helps avoid the risk of facing substantial financial costs associated with a boating accident.

How Much Does Boater Insurance Cost?

The cost for boaters insurance varies, depending upon several factors. Some factors include the boat’s size can be used, your driving record, the amount of coverage, and the amount of your deductible. Call us today at Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers for additional information about how much boaters insurance costs.

Boater insurance helps cover you should something happen while out on the water in Colorado. Call us today at Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers for more information about purchasing boater insurance for your vessel. We will ensure you have proper coverage for your property, yourself, and your loved ones.

Boating Safety Tips

If you want to get out on the water in a boat, it’s crucial you keep in mind boating safety tips. These 5 are surefire ways to protect yourself (and your loved ones) when you’re riding in a boat.

Life Jackets

Do your research and buy an appropriate life jacket. You also can borrow one, though if you plan on going out often it’s good to have your own. Try it on to make sure that it fits. Children who are 12 years of age or younger must be wearing a life jacket whenever they’re in a vessel on the water.

Boating Safety Courses

Boating courses usually are meant for people who are 14 or 15 so that they can operate a sailboat, motorboat, or personal watercraft. Such a course is open to anyone looking to start boating or those who want to learn more about safety methods.

Know How to Navigate

You may not think about how you’ll navigate a boat. You should know how to react when you’re in certain types of situations that can lead to danger such as collisions and other kinds of accidents.

Check Your Boat’s Equipment

When you take out a recreational boat there are specific pieces of equipment that are required by the U.S. Coast Guard. For instance, you may need flags if you plan to go water-skiing and muffling devices. Such equipment may be covered in a policy from Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers, serving Broomfield, CO and beyond.

Safety Inspections

Have your boat ready at all times in case you get a safety inspection. Boat rangers conduct these inspections on Colorado waters. Be aware of the requirements for rafts, canoes, sailboats, personal watercraft, kayaks, and motorized vessels.

There are other things that are important to know when you’re thinking about boating safety tips. Be cautious and know the area where you’re taking your watercraft. For your boat insurance reach out to Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers of the greater Broomfield, CO area today.

Boat Insurance

If you have bought a boat in Broomfield, CO, our Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers are happy to provide good coverage at a great price and guide you through registering your boat. Before you get your insurance, Aspen Gold would like to guide you through the process of getting your boat prepared to have insurance.

Buying Your Boat in Colorado

If you just bought a boat for sale, trade, or title transfer, you will need to notify Colorado Parks and Wildlife within 50 days of the purchase. The same 15 days applies to if you have surrendered ownership of your boat or changed addresses.

Registering your Boat through Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Contact Colorado Parks and Wildlife and fill out the registration form. The fees will vary according to the type and size of your boat. You can turn it into any CPW office and complete the registration. Make sure that you bring one of the following documents:

  • Bill of Sale
  • Certificate of Ownership
  • Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin
  • Court document proving ownership
  • Previous property assessment
  • Certificate of inspection form performed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Your boat must be registered every year.

Additional Information about Colorado Boat Registration:

If you own any types of non-motorized rafts, kayaks, or canoes, you are not required to register these. You do need to clearly mark your name and current address on the vessel. If your registration decals are lost, destroyed or stolen, you must report it within 15 days and get new ones. Some boats are considered too large for CPW to register and must be registered by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers are Ready to Help Now

We have several helpful guidelines in this blog post. If you still have questions, please contact us immediately, and we will help walk you through it and come up with a quality insurance plan that will protect you and your passengers. Give us a call at 720.600.7470.

Boat Insurance Policy

Your boat may be paid off. If so, you don’t have to worry about carrying boat insurance coverage in order to qualify for the conditions of a loan. However, most marinas have guidelines for boat insurance coverage as a condition of docking there. Besides, do you really want to worry every time a stern line slips and your craft knocks against the fender? Ask your Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers about the types of coverage you need to protect your vessel in Broomfield, CO. In the meantime, here’s some basic information to get you started.

Boat Coverage for Your Craft

In most circumstances, a boat policy is an “All Risk” policy that covers an array of misfortunes that could happen to your vessel. This includes vandalism, theft, fire, lightning, grounding or sinking, and it may even include stolen or lost belongings. Consider options that cover personal items, such as watersports equipment or fishing equipment. In the case of a breakdown, tow coverage is a real lifesaver.

You can get coverage for physical damage to another boat in the case of a collision or other event where you are held liable for personal injury or property damage while operating your boat. Maybe you want to protect yourself against underinsured or uninsured boaters. Whatever coverage you want or need is probably available, and it’s just a matter of prioritizing what fits into your budget.

Cover the Value of Your Boat

The more valuable your boat, the more you need boat insurance to protect you against financial loss. An umbrella policy takes over when you’ve reached the limit of your boat’s liability insurance. Contact Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers for your boat insurance coverage needs in Broomfield, CO.

Watercraft Insurance

Even if you’re not required to have boat insurance, it’s important to protect your boat and your crew from harm. You can get dependable coverage and rest easy knowing your watercraft is covered, bow to stern.

Whether your preference is a slow and lazy float down the Colorado River or high-speed shenanigans on one of the gorgeous lakes near Broomfield, CO, boat ownership can be a joy. It’s easy to relax with no worries when you know you have adequate coverage to handle any unforeseen dangers you face on the water. Ask one of our Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers what coverage works for your watercraft.

What Does Insurance on my Boat Cover?

Boat insurance pays for repair or replacement if your boat is damaged. It covers the motor and most types of boats, including paddle boats, fishing boats, pontoons, and yachts, among others. Insurance on your boat won’t pay for damage to less robust watercraft, such as kayaks, canoes or personal watercraft (PWC).

What Types of Insurance Might You Need?

Liability insurance is not required to boat on Colorado’s rivers and lakes. However, it’s important to get liability insurance to protect your boat and other assets in the event that your watercraft is involved in an accident. Also, consider additional coverage to repair or replace your boat if you have a collision with an uninsured boater.

Keep in mind that, although the state of Colorado doesn’t require insurance to operate a boat, many marinas require insurance to dock your boat. If you still owe money borrowed to pay for your boat, your lender probably requires adequate coverage as a condition of the loan.

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For these reasons and more, contact Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers today to schedule an appointment for a quote. Ask us about our other insurance policies for your home, health, and well-being in Broomfield, CO.

Boat Insurance Quotes

Boating with children presents several challenges when it comes to safety. Naturally curious yet innocent, children sometimes participate in behavior that may cause them harm. Basically, they have no fear. They will try anything once, which can be hazardous while on a boat. That’s why it’s vital for you to protect your kids while boating this summer. Following are three ways to keep your kids safe on the water.

Use Safety Equipment

Make each child wear a properly-fitted life vest at all times, even when the boat isn’t moving. Make sure there are plenty floating rescue devices on board in the event that someone were to fall overboard. Also, keep a working fire extinguisher on the boat at all times.

Always think outside the box when it comes to safety as well. Keep sunscreen on board that has an SPF value of 40 or greater. Apply it every couple of hours. Also, make sure that all food on board stays a safe temperature by using proper food storage.

Teach Boat Rules

Make and enforce boating rules. For example, have a no-running, no-jumping policy. You may also want to make other rules, such as no standing on the seats. If a child breaks a rule, make sure there are consequences.

Consult Insurance Policy

In the awful event that your child were to get injured on an outing, you want to be covered fully. While the state requires basic coverage, it might not be enough to protect your loved ones fully to keep them safe on the water. Consult your insurance policy to see how much coverage you really have. If you have any questions or feel like you need more coverage, talk to your insurance agent or Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers before putting your boat in the water.

Check out our information on Boat/Watercraft Insurance and even reach out for a free quote.