A History of Home Insurance

history of home insurance

Many people are surprised to discover the long history of home insurance. Despite the evolution of the insurance industry over time, many basic principles remain the same. Are you seeking home insurance in Denver, CO? Reach out to Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers. But first, let’s delve into the fascinating history of home insurance.

The Beginnings of Home Insurance

Insurance in various forms, such as for merchant ships or crops, existed before the conception of home insurance. It is widely believed by scholars that the emergence of the first home insurance policies was a direct reaction to the Great Fire of London in 1666. This catastrophic event obliterated nearly 90% of the city’s residences, leaving numerous individuals homeless and financially strained.

The initial objective of home insurance was to provide protection against fires. Home insurance was introduced to the United States by none other than Benjamin Franklin. In 1752, he started offering fire insurance policies through the Philadelphia Contributionship. While Franklin himself was a firefighter, managing fires was a challenging task during those times due to the lack of modern equipment.

The 18th century saw the introduction of mortgages in America. This played a significant role in paving the way for lenders to insist on home insurance coverage for any properties purchased with a mortgage. From the perspective of the lender, home insurance minimizes risk as the property acts as collateral for the loan.

With the rise in popularity of mortgages in the 20th century, home insurance also saw a significant upsurge. Nowadays, approximately 93% of homeowners hold a home insurance policy.

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