Questions you may have about Boat Insurance

about boat insurance

Boating offers fun times with family and friends in the sun and fresh air but also entails a certain amount of risk. Boat insurance protects against collision and damage from the elements and covers several other important protections. At Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers in Colorado, we can help answer all your questions about your boat insurance coverage. Be sure you are properly covered so you can go out and have more fun, less worrying.

Insurance Offers Liability Coverage

Your policy will include coverage against liability if your boat causes damage to another boat or a docking facility. Insurance generally also covers medical costs for you or your passengers if an accident occurs.

Insurance Covers Pollution Your Boat May Cause

Because boats carry a significant amount of fuel on the water, any accident can damage fuel tanks and cause spillage that cause pollution to waterways. Your policy covers this damage to a certain level.

Your Policy May Cover Equipment You Have On Board

Insurance will also cover the fishing equipment you bring onto the water. If you have expensive electronic equipment, you can arrange for specific coverage for these items.

Towing and Salvage May Be Part of Your Coverage

Your boat insurance policy may also cover towing when your boat breaks down on the water. This can be an essential benefit that can save you money. Some policies also cover salvage if a weather event or other problem sinks your boat somewhere away from your home dock.

Make Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers Your Agent in Colorado.

Insurance is vital to your ownership experience and can save you from expensive liability costs. We can ensure you have the insurance to thoroughly enjoy your time on the water. Contact Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers today for a no-obligation quote on boat insurance that can protect you against expensive losses.