How to Get Reimbursed For Covered Health Expenses

covered health expenses

Health insurance now offers more extensive benefits than ever. Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers in Broomfield, CO, provides health insurance that covers a range of services, including chiropractic, mental health counseling, and some over-the-counter medications. However, successfully filing a claim requires some work on your part to get reimbursed for covered health expenses. Use these tips to ensure you get properly reimbursed.

Odd Covered Health Expenses

Health insurance might cover unusual items your doctor prescribed, like podiatrist-prescribed shoe inserts, support bras for back pain, wrist supports for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, knee wraps for post-ALS surgery recovery, sunglasses for post-glaucoma diagnosis, and room (de)humidifiers for asthma or allergy treatment.

Reimbursement for Covered Health Expenses

For businesses that sell specialized products and cannot accept your insurance card, follow these steps to process your reimbursement: Obtain paper printouts of receipts, submit backup documentation showing your doctor’s order for the expense, and take photos of the item in your possession.

Let Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers Help

Serving Colorado, Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers want to ensure your valid claims get honored. Contact us for competitive health insurance quotes.

Navigating Your Health Insurance Made Easy

Health insurance can sometimes be complex to navigate. Knowing what’s covered and how to make a claim is essential. We strive to make this process easier for you. Let our team guide you through the complexities of your policy, ensuring that you are able to maximize the benefits of your health insurance plan. Contact Aspen Gold Insurance Brokers today.