Protecting Your Motorcycle When Parked In Public or Traveling

protecting your motorcycle

If you enjoy taking your motorcycle out in public or traveling for long road trips, there are some things you should keep in mind for safety purposes. When you park your bike in public while you’re working, running errands, or just traveling, you want to keep it safe and protecting your motorcycle from theft using the techniques below.

Lock Your Bike To A Pole

If you have to park on the street or in a parking lot for an extended period, you should lock your bike on something that can’t be moved, like a light pole or column in the parking garage. This makes it hard to steal and deters thieves from trying to take something that would otherwise have been easy to steal.

Audible Alarms Are Great

If someone starts to mess with your bike while it’s parked, it’s likely they will trigger an alarm that you can set, alerting you. This is great when traveling, and some alarms allow you to customize the sound so you know it’s your bike. You want to put it somewhere you know a person will touch but also be inconspicuous around the handles or the seat when they try to mount it.

Park Near Lights and Cameras

When you’re traveling on your bike, you want to get a spot that is close to the hotel camera and also in the light. If the bike is under one of the security lights in the parking lot, it will deter thieves and vandals from messing with it. If you park away from the hotel and in a dark place, your bike may be unprotected and left vulnerable.

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